Company Introduction

Founded in November 2012,we are a group of young and promising startups team.

We receive consulting support from Taiwan’s largest telecommunications - Chunghwa Telecom and Industrial Technology Research Institute this year for our SASS service.

In research and developing, we also receive founding from Small and Medium Enterprise Administration to promote our cloud service project. We provide our mobile payments service in cooperation with a number of banks including China Trust, First Bank, E. Sun Bank, and Chunghwa Telecom payments.

In foreign market, we cooperate with PAYPAL to provide mobile shopping platform in Asia. (China, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, etc.)

This year, we intend to expand our service to global market. And we believe it is our mission to develope a globally applicable mobile products.

Product Introduction

According to Google’s study: “The New Multi-screen World: Understanding Cross-Platform Consumer Behavior”, 90% of people switch from smart phones and tablets to computer and TVs to achieve their shopping goal.

We launched MuShop’s to be a solution for multi-screen users. This product allows SMEs to integrate their multi-screen shopping websites into only one.

Here are advantages of this product :

Optimize your content across the platforms and devices just one time, and all the changes will be applied to website for smart phones, smart TVs, tablets, and notebooks/desktop computers.

l Personalize web design and easy-management tool can provide your customer with the best products and service of shopping experience.

l Engage your customers with powerful marketing features including social media, Search Engine Optimization, Advertisement & Promotion.

l Customers can shop anywhere 24x7 with secure & reliable payment solutions.

Are you ready to catch this multi-screen trend and opportunity?

MuShop is your best solution.
If not now, When?